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End of Year Water Party - K/6S, K/6B and K/6H

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Dear Parents and Carers

We are planning to celebrate our end of school year by having a water party at school. Your child will need to bring:

· Swimwear

· Towel

· Hat

· Sunscreen

· Bag for wet items

· Dry underwear

Each class will have a designated time for water play then continue the celebrations back in their classrooms. There will be a class party, movie and fun activities planned for the day.

Students may bring along pre-packaged food to share. e.g sausage rolls, party pies, pizza etc. Teachers will provide a few party treats. Students will not need to bring their own lunch.

If you have any questions, please contact your classroom teacher.


Mrs Shields, Mr Beaumont and Mrs Melissa Horne.