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Bundjalung Language and Culture Program

Aunty Leanne reading the book JUBALS to children at Little Jarjums Preschool

At Casino West Public School we proudly incorporate a Bundjalung Language and Culture Program within the school curriculum. 

Uncle Shane Caldwell and Uncle Charlie Caldwell teach the Bundjalung language in the classroom with teachers on a weekly basis. Aunty Leanne Davis supports the language and culture program in our preschool. 

The program presents Bundjalung Language and Aboriginal Culture including a local perspective from Gallibul land and the Gallibul people of Casino. Each lesson opens with an Acknowledgment of Country in English and Gallibul Language. 


The content of this program includes:

  • Traditional animal names in Bundjalung
  • Art lessons (using traditional symbols)
  • Acknowledgment of Country
  • Local story telling
  • Traditional dance and music
  • Difference between Law & Lore
  •  Traditional body part names in Bundjalung
  • Songs sung in Bundjalung language
  • Weapons & Tools (how they were made, what they were made for and the traditional names for them)
  • Bush Foods & Medicines (what they are, where you find them and the traditional names for them)
  • The significance of the Land & Environment (what it means to the Aboriginal people)
  • Respect for Elders
  • The significance of Family & Kinship
  • Yarning Circles
  • Yarn ups with our local community each term.

Image of Charlie Caldwell


Hi. My name is Charlie Caldwell. I am an Aboriginal Language Tutor and a School Learning Support Officer and I teach language, dance and art.

I am a Gullibul man from Casino of the Bundjalung Nation.

I am married with three children. My wife Nicole is a bus driver and my three kids names are Issasha, Jaru and Tyra.

I really enjoy working at Casino West Public School and working with the staff and children. It is a good place to be.

Haley Connors Aboriginal Education Officer



My name is Haley Connors and I am the Aboriginal Education Officer (AEO) at Casino West Public School. I am a proud Bundjalung/Wiradjuri woman with strong ties to my local community.

I have lived and grown up on Bundjalung country my whole life. I have  over 10 years of experience in working in schools as an AEO, School Learning Support Officer (SLSO) and a Norta Norta Tutor.

My role at Casino West Public School includes being there for our Jarjums (children), staff, parents and community. I am passionate working in education, it is a very rewarding job that I take seriously. 

I support children in their learning as well as their emotional, mental and physical needs.

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