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Localised Procedures

Localised Procedures for Little Jarjums Preschool:

Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisation next review 04/04/24

CWPS interactions with children next review 04/04/24

Sun Protection  next review 04/04/24

Toileting and Nappy Change  next review 04/04/24

Water Safety next review 04/04/24

Sleep and Rest next review 04/04/24

Emergency and Evacuation next review 31/08/24

Delivery and Collection of Children next review 04/04/24

Nutrition, Food and Beverages and Dietary Requirements next review 31/08/24

Dealing Medical Conditions next review 04/04/24

Staffing next review 04/04/24

Administration of First Aid next review 04/04/24

Incident,Injury,Trauma and Illness next review 04/04/24

Dealing with Infectious Diseases next review 04/04/24

Excursions next review 04/04/24

Preschool Governance and Management of the Service next review 31/0//24

Payment of Fees next review 04/04/24

Enrolment and Orientation next review 04/04/24

Dealing with Complaints next review 04/04/24

Providing a Child Safe Environment next review 31/08/24