Casino West Public School

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We acknowledge that Casino West Little Jarjums is a meeting place for everyone on Bundjalung Land. We honour all Aboriginal people as the traditional custodians of Australia. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and aim to educate and nurture our Jarjums as the future Elders of the Bundjalung Nation through connection to Country, family, and community.

All Educators continually strengthen their knowledge and understanding of ‘best practice’ in Early Childhood Education and Care, through ongoing professional learning, critical reflection and staff collaboration.

We value relationships with our Jarjums, our families and our community. These partnerships provide us with opportunities to foster our children’s current interests and strengths and identify goals for future learning and development.

Through intentional and purposeful teaching, we observe and reflect on the interests of our children. Children explore their interests through play with materials (provisions) and provocations, such as questions or scenarios which support and extend their thinking and learning. This reflection, along with input from families about their child’s interests at home, informs our planning and programming cycle.

Our whole school community embraces preschool with teachers and educators working with families to provide continuity of learning and transition from one setting to another. Participation in whole school community events provides a sense of belonging, and pathways to new experiences and learning.

Each child has the right to feel safe and secure. Little Jarjums Preschool builds respectful, reciprocal relationships by valuing each child’s voice and respecting their values, ideas, beliefs, backgrounds and cultures.

We care for Bundjalung Land through everyday sustainable practices within our daily experiences. We encourage our Jarjums to take responsibility for their impact on the environment.