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At Casino West Public School, we currently have four support classes. This includes one class catering for students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and/or moderate intellectual disability and three multi-categorical classes. Each class generally has a maximum of 7 students.

Every specialist class has a teacher and a school learning support officer. In partnership with parents and carers and external stakeholders, teachers identify personalised learning goals and strategies for each student and develop and implement plans to support the achievement of each student’s goals. Teachers recognise each student’s strengths, interests and needs and plan engaging, individualised learning programs to support individual needs and promote continual growth.

Students flourish physically, cognitively, socially, emotionally and linguistically. 

Opportunities for our School Support Class students


Inclusive educational environment - Students have the opportunity to access the curriculum in a learning environment that is suited to their needs. Our staff are dedicated to motivating students to ensure they are successful and engaged learners who reach their full potential.

Collaboration with external agencies – We work in partnership with Early Intervention, Speech and Occupational therapists.

Access to technology – Each student has access to a Chromebook/iPad for learning and/or communication needs.

Participate in the school and community activities the school offers – Students have the opportunity to be part of whole school events or join in the extracurricular activities the school offers such as dance, robotics or choir at lunch and recess.

Mainstream Integration - There is the flexibility for students to undertake some of their learning in other mainstream classes, depending on the needs of students and resources.



Sustainability Program - Students have created and continue to maintain a sensory garden after gaining an Eco Schools sustainability grant. They research and grow their own vegetables that they eat, use for cooking and sell to continue to raise funds to put back into their garden. They even have learned how to grow food from food and produce their very own compost.

Students recycle their bottles/fruit boxes to put money back into the garden. They have also just started recycling bread bags that in turn will be used to make wonderful things like playground equipment and gain us some sporting equipment.

What’ll happen to the Wattle Program – In 2020 students applied and were successful in being part of this program. Our wattle seeds have been launched up to space and will be back in July 2021. We will then compare the growth of wattle seeds that have been to space and those that have not.

Music program – Every Wednesday afternoon students have the opportunity to participate in a specialised Music program.


Meet the Teachers

Melissa Horne - Assistant Principal and Class Teacher 5.6H












Melissa Horne

Assistant Principal Support Classes

Class Teacher K/6H

Roshelle Martin













Roshelle Martin

Class Teacher K/6M














Cathy Radanovic

Class Teacher K/6R












Emma Shields 

Class Teacher K/6S

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