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The Casino West Art Show 2023


The Inaugural Casino West Art Show was held in 2022. 

We are pleased to confirm the 2023 Casino West Art show will be held Thursday 10 August.

The purpose of the event is to showcase talented artists within the community.

There is a Primary section, High School section and Adult section for entrants in each of the following categories:

  • Abstract
  • Landscape
  • Indigenous
  • Portraiture
  • Photography


1st Place, 2nd Place and People's Choice winners receive a monetary prize and guests have opportunities throughout the evening to win prizes.

If you are a local business and interested in supporting this event click here to find out more!

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Casino West Art Show Entry Form 2023


1st Place Abstract winner 2023  'Musical Mayhem'  by Lydia Howard

We are pleased to announce the 2023 Prize winners:



ADULT - 1st: Lydia Howard - Musical Mayhem 2nd: Lydia Howard - Gecko Gathering

HIGH SCHOOL - 1st: Lauren G - Girl's Best Friend2nd: Morgan B - Choc Chip

PRIMARY SCHOOL - 1st: Zandyr S - Purple Dripping Sun 2nd: Flynn S - Among Us Persons Game



ADULT - 1st: Tywana Caldwell - Womans Gathering 2nd: Tara Freeburn - Passing through Galibal Jugan

HIGH SCHOOL - 1st: Kirk R - Walkabout 2nd: Christian R - Owl

PRIMARY SCHOOL - 1st: Teeanna R - Indigenous Story 2nd: Azzalea A - Fishing down the River with Dad



ADULT - 1st: Vicky Tulle - Under the Waterfall 2nd: Robyn Knight - Into the Dark Dark Woods

HIGH SCHOOL - 1st: Lucy S - Redwood Forest 2nd: Alexah A - Floral Ride

PRIMARY SCHOOL - 1st: Malekai M - The City Sunrise 2nd: Crystal G - The picture in the moon



ADULT - 1st:Julie Ewart - Pumpkin 2nd: Lydia Howard - Nayomi

HIGH SCHOOL - 1st: Evin O - Internal Rhythm 2nd: William M - Mr George

PRIMARY SCHOOL - 1st: Ainsley P - My Dog 2nd: Riley Mc - Melanie Martinez



ADULT - 1st: Rianna Savins - Take a Chance 2nd: Daniel Keogh - Despair

HIGH SCHOOL - 1st: Daniel K - The Art of Speed 2nd: Daniel K - Glass House

PRIMARY SCHOOL - 1st: Zandyr S - Freestyle 2nd: Kirsty D - Untitled

Richmond Valley Council People's Choice Winner: Tara Freeburn

Casino West Primary People's Choice Winner: Riley Mc